Projects: RFP and Bid Lists

Property Development

All project subcontracts are awarded by competitive bids issued by the CM-R and overseen by PBA project managers.

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Property Management

All contractors/vendors of PBA are competitively selected by RFPs or bids.

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PBA currently manages 29 separate telephone systems with approximately 6,000 extensions for the City and County and 4,000 extensions for Knox County Schools.

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The Comprehensive Annual Financial Report has not been updated for developments subsequent to the date of the independent auditor's report.

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PBA manages over 2 million square feet of buildings for the City and County. PBA originally developed and owns the City County Building, which is approximately 531,000 square feet in size. With a staff of 165 employees, PBA oversees maintenance, grounds, security, life safety and custodial activities for most locations under their management. PBA also manages the public parking garages and lots with internal staff overseeing parking operations as well as booth attendants. PBA began on-street parking enforcement as a pilot program on Gay Street for the City of Knoxville in 2015 and have expanded enforcement within the Central Business District and Cumberland Avenue corridor as well. PBA manages over 6,000 phone systems for the City and County. The PBA Project Development Department acts as an owner’s representative for Knox County and the City of Knoxville. We manage construction projects as assigned by the City or County Mayors. All PBA contractors/vendors needed for other services are competitively selected by RFPs, RFQ’s or bids.

It's not about the revenue,
They want to see the meters be effective.

The garages provide about 90 percent of the city's approximately 7,500 public parking spaces. As usual, parking will be free on nights and weekends in garages. The PBA also took over operation of the public garages, "It's a friendlier look than what we've had with parking before," Burritt said. "We just want to put a fresh face on our garage parking."

Jayne Burritt
Chief Executive Officer, PBA