The PBA Property Development Department acts as an owner's representative for the County of Knox and City of Knoxville. We do not initiate projects, but manage them as assigned by the County Mayor or City Mayor.


Knox County projects are undertaken pursuant to an operating contract respecting construction of improvements on Knox County owned or leased property between Knox County and PBA, dated September 18, 1997, which was approved by resolution of the Knox County Commission. Under that contract, Knox County assigns a project to PBA Property Development. The Property Development staff assigns a project manager to the specific project.


Our responsibilities include, but are not limited to:


    • Establishing budgets

    • Selection of the architectural and/or engineering team

    • Programming and/or development

    • Design

    • Selection of the general contractor

    • Construction

    • Management services


In the programming and/or development phase, Property Development is responsible for assistance, advice, administrative services relating to the initial planning, needs assessment, and scheduling with the client and any stakeholders of the project.


Property Development is responsible for management of the design phase. This includes selection of the architectural and/or engineering firm/s and other professionals. Property Development is responsible for the preparation of pre-construction planning and total project budget.


Property Development also manages the construction phase. This phase includes selection of the contractor, approval of construction contracts and supervision of construction as the client's representative.


Throughout the project, Property Development is responsible for processing payment authorizations and warrant requests for the architect, contractor, consultants and other parties. Property Development also provides various project management and forecast reports as needed throughout the project.



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