Property Development

The PBA Property Development Department acts as an owner's representative for the County of Knox and City of Knoxville. We do not initiate projects, but manage them as assigned by the County Mayor or City Mayor.

Property Management

PBA manages over 2 million square feet of buildings for the City and County. PBA originally developed and owns the City County Building, which is approximately 531,000 square feet in size. With a staff of 165 employees, PBA oversees maintenance, grounds, security, life safety and custodial activities for most locations under their management.


Public Building Authority of Knox County and Knoxville Tennessee Financial Department

On-Street Parking

The PBA on-street enforcement officers are issued a City of Knoxville municipal enforcement certification by the Knoxville Police Department upon approval of a thorough background check, they are sworn in for these duties.

Parking Operations

PBA Parking Services is located at 535 Clinch Avenue, Knoxville, TN 37902. The Public Building Authority manages the public garages and lots for both the City of Knoxville and Knox County with PBA employees.


Professional staffing, employees approximately 60 employees including Communication Officers, Security Officers, On Street Parking Enforcement Officers.

Telecom & Information Systems

PBA currently manages 29 separate telephone systems with approximately 6,000 extensions for the City and County and 4,000 extensions for Knox County Schools. Additionally, they manage the AT&T, Windstream, TDS, Frontier, ENA and Comcast accounts that support those systems.